The Lingo

{ lingo noun /ˈlɪŋ,ɡəʊ/ (informal) -- a language, especially a foreign one:
Do you speak the lingo? }

Freelance English Language Teaching

Bart lubaszka

Hello, I’m Bart. I’m a freelance English teacher from the USA that's now living in Wrocław, Poland.

I'm a fan of coffee, running, and technology. I'm a musician and a writer as well. I'm a husband, father and small business owner.

Having almost a decade of experience and specialised qualifications, I teach not only groups in classrooms at a variety of schools and institutions but also provide tutoring online and in person. I've helped students of all ages and levels become fluent at English. I most enjoy helping learners achieve their goals with exams such as IELTS, FCE, CAE or TOEFL. I also specialise in guiding business professionals to gain the language skills and motivation needed to succeed in their fields.

I’m passionate about English, learning and teaching and enjoy sharing these passions with my students. To learn more about me, have a look at my LinkedIn profile, or send me a message so we can get to know each other. You can click the SCHEDULE A LESSON button under my photo to schedule a lesson with me.

The Lingo

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